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Demystifying the Secret Existence Horror behind Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The COVID-19 outbreak came as a shock to many. A pandemic that made people stay indoors. Indoor games – the only solution to break the quarantine boredom. Animal crossing new horizons came in weeks before COVID-19. It is a game of a relaxing balm. People love it. A great percentage of people have resolved to isolated areas. It is in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. Games are excellent to cut boredom and cope with new life practices. Life has changed from the normal routine. People have to adapt to the changes.

The Simplicity

The goodness of the game is its simplicity. It entails catching, chopping, digging, and selling again. The reputation of the game at first is educative. Doing the same things again is an actual punishment as per classical Greek mythology. The repetition is the stem of the new horizons. You should always have a new starting point regardless of where you left last. Visitors will be the same and reciting the same lines. The fossils are the same. They are four in number. Their burial is in the same places.

The Five-Star Ratings

People argue that all video games fall prey to mindless repetition. New horizons make it enjoyable and not a bug. In other games, grinding indicates the peak or rather the end. At this point, you wait for the reward for winning. New horizons, the narrative is different. It is on blind consumption. The endgame is getting a five-star rating for your island. One achieves it through having fences if Isabelle has her way. A golden trophy from the happy home academy and having things is the true calculation of success. There is no forcing the player into a closed system of the islands capitalist dystopia. Items that fall from the sky or trees are not for keeping or selling.

The greatest number of things and animals one should have is definite. Later in the game, this rule is baseless, and one can catch them all. Through Nooks Cranny, Able Sisters Tailor Shop resells the same clothes.

New Horizons: Tasks of the Game

The primary task is to collect shells and dig out fossils regardless of the profession you are in. The five-star island is the dead beat. In the beginning, you roll cards. In the middle of the game, after enticing K.K, Isabella congratulates you. She rewards you with a recipe of a golden watering can. The game has to continue to get the gift. There is no stopping. You can’t leave your island. It’s an adventure that makes neighbors move around and to your island. They may move away from your island to quest it elsewhere.  Visiting friends’ islands permitted but requires coordination.

The difference between the islands is the colors. When visitors come to your land, it’s upon you to decide whether they spend more time or not. Allowing them to stay brings guilt to them. Letting them go creates full bore of existential dread upon you. The good place makes life worth living. They are the only tailing things that make life as discovered. But this gospel truth is the tip of the metaphysical iceberg.

In conclusion, gaming is fun. It’s in these hard times when it has emerged more important to keep guys free. Without corona may be, the game couldn’t go far. Survival means has played a big role in being vigilant. Get the animals crossing horror and have your expertise to get to you from the far end land. Nourish your brains. Get the gameplay and succeed in the last stage.

Alphayo Sande
Alphayo Sandehttps://www.shiftingnews.com
Alphayo Sande is an IT practitioner having attained a degree in Computer Science. He is also a non-fiction freelance writer specializing in different sections as an article and book writer. He writes for several online publications and has been published several times. Any day now, he gets his big breakthrough into the fast-paced world of being a writer, and his first job is to go to the end of the world and investigate strange occurrences. Alpha Sande is a trans human who can transform into any form he wants. He looks like any other human you would see on a billboard. He has a well-defined cheekbone structure, an androgynous face, and a piercing gaze. He is one of the new batch of freelancers whose job it is to report events across the known universe to the rest of us. While it is not as glamorous as it sounds, with little playtime, long, arduous assignments, and being widely derided by the literary establishment, it is his dream job.


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