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How to improve your smartphone camera photos

Today, almost all phones come with digital cameras. The race for the best smartphone cameras is ever-increasing with new enhancements each day. Most companies are trying to improve storage capacity, camera lenses and achieving higher megapixels.

In the past, smartphone camera photos have been of poor quality due to either a low-quality camera or poor photographic skills and techniques. Below is some tip that you can use to improve your skill and picture quality.

Ensure you have adequate lighting

The clearer the object or person, the better your picture will be. You can choose to take photos outside or switch on the lights if you are shooting in a room. Be careful with artificial light that might cause an undesired effect on the picture. You might need to use a white balance to rectify such an issue. Some cameras come with their lighting equipment, such as a flash. A flash is essential in improving the shot’s clarity, whether you are shooting in a room or outside. Avoid shooting directly into direct light and reflective materials if your camera does not have a flash.

smartphone photos
The art of taking clearer photos using your smartphone

Shoot from a close range

Distant objects often tend to be tiny and unrecognizable. Phone images are small because they have a lower resolution. Again, being too close to the object deforms the photo for some smartphone cameras.

Keep still

With digital photography, your photo will be clearer if taken when the camera is steady. The best way to keep still is to lean or support your hand against a ledge, wall, or tree when taking a photo. Remember that your camera may be having an issue with shutter lag. In this case, you have to hold your camera a little bit longer to ensure you take a clear shot.

Edit images later

Cell phones come equipped with visual editing features. However, editing pictures on your computer later will increase the quality of your smartphone photos. Also, consider taking colored shots using a high resolution to give you better options for editing later. For instance, you can convert a colored photo to black and white, but you can’t do the reverse.

Don’t delete bad images immediately

The view from your phone might not look good, but after editing to a computer, you may end up appreciating why you didn’t delete it.

You might also realize that the thing you thought were mistakes could prove essential such as blurred shots.

Don’t use the digital zoom

Zooming a digital image will reduce its quality and clarity. If you must zoom, do it after you take the shot. Additionally, you have the option of further editing your photo on a computer to make it better.

Try out the white balance

Newer generation phones come equipped with adjustable white balance features. The features allow you to balance the colors in your image, depending on the shooting conditions. Different cameras have different impacts on a photo using this feature. Consult the phone’s user manual to understand how best to take quality photos.

Experiment with a lot of shots

The beauty of a camera phone is that you can take as many photos as you wish at no cost. Their flexibility enables you to try out several angles and samples and find the best images you can take.


Camera phones are the future of photography. New models are coming out regularly with enhanced features. As you get yourself the latest phones, be sure to check the camera capability and take the best that fall within your budget. Take advantage of the above tip and make yourself some cool memories.

Alphayo Sande
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