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Protecting your phone against malware

Most people are keen on protecting their personal computers from malware and viruses as compared to how much care they put on their phones. About 82,000 variations of malware got detected by Kaspersky Lab in December 2011. The report came at a point where most people prefer to browse the internet using their smartphones. Here, we discuss a few tactics you may apply to protect your phone against malware and viruses.

Use trusted app stores

You need to use apps from trusted and verified sources. Most operating systems have their app stores that you can use to download the app you desire. Most vulnerable people are Android users since the Android OS allows third-party apps to operate in it.

Please find out more about an app before you install it on your device. Take a look at the review section and see people’s sentiments concerning the app. Sometimes you find a music app asking for permission to access your contact of messages, which does not make sense. Restrict access to relevant sections only. Also, after installing an app, restrict it permission and access to your phone. It might be time-consuming going through all the checks, but you cannot put a price on safety.

Restrict access using a password

Malware often gathers information or disrupt operations in your device. Locking your screen by using a password is a step toward protecting your smartphone from intrusion. Passwords protect your personal information from outside access without your permission. For example, when you forget your phone in public places such as a restaurant or bus. A password will stop anyone from accessing your personal information. Today, some devices use biometric access systems such a requiring a fingerprint, the eye, face, or even voice passwords.

Also, use phone finding apps such as “find my phone” to help you trace your phone quickly if you lose it. The faster you find your phone, the fewer chances malicious hackers have to crack your password.

Install an Antivirus to protect against malware

Similar to computers, smartphones also have their version of antiviruses. With the increasing number of cellular malware, it is wise to have a phone protection program. The Lookout Mobile Security is a popular malware protection program for Android phones. The program is your best chance of protecting your phone, especially if you are a heavy user of the internet via your phone.

Always keep your operating system updated

Tech companies are always working towards releasing new and better versions of operating systems. Aside from the entire OS, regular updates for different components are released frequently as well. As the malware developers try to work around already released updates, new ones come. So make it a practice to always keep your device up to date. Regular updates also ensure that your phone runs at optimum, besides protection. It is the same way you will not drive a car that does not go for regular servicing.


Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter every day. They are already replacing computers with basic functionalities. As smartphones gain popularity, you also need to find ways to protect your device and yourself from intrusive spyware and malware. However, you not only need guard against viruses but also other types of security breaches. The above tips will assist you in securing your phone from the various forms of intrusion. Be smart and be safe.

Alphayo Sande
Alphayo Sandehttps://www.shiftingnews.com
Alphayo Sande is an IT practitioner having attained a degree in Computer Science. He is also a non-fiction freelance writer specializing in different sections as an article and book writer. He writes for several online publications and has been published several times. Any day now, he gets his big breakthrough into the fast-paced world of being a writer, and his first job is to go to the end of the world and investigate strange occurrences. Alpha Sande is a trans human who can transform into any form he wants. He looks like any other human you would see on a billboard. He has a well-defined cheekbone structure, an androgynous face, and a piercing gaze. He is one of the new batch of freelancers whose job it is to report events across the known universe to the rest of us. While it is not as glamorous as it sounds, with little playtime, long, arduous assignments, and being widely derided by the literary establishment, it is his dream job.


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