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Can you Increase your internet speed with Google Nest

In recent times the need for the internet has increased. The demand has made it to become a basic need for some people. With the recent stay at home order, many people have embraced working from home, and many homes have become makeshift offices. For effective working and activities like streaming music and movies, there is a need for high-speed internet. And we are going to focus on Google Nest Wi-Fi.

For many homes, the installation of the internet uses routers for the internet. But a poorly placed router means poor internet connection.

Google has tried to address this by using Nest Wi-Fi.

Mesh system brings the internet to your home through a modem and uses a router to evenly cover your home through “points.”

The Google Nest Wi-Fi is a great mesh router system that incorporates high performance, best speeds, simple features, and a stable steering band. Range-extending points take three colors of your choice and modern smart speakers (Google Assistant options). With Google Nest, you do not have to worry about the position of your router. It is revolutionary since it allows you to strategically set devices in a bigger space and enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity as well. Google Wi-Fi technology has an intuitive appearance, user-friendly and unique design. The technology ensures that there is a distribution of the internet coverage evenly for you to enjoy it.

How do you set it up?

Nest Wi-Fi doesn’t operate as a modem. You will need one from your ISP. Plug the Nest in your broadband modem, download the Google Home app for Android or iOS, and then connect it to the Nest to finalize the settings.

Once you set the Wi-Fi, go to advanced features. Here, you will determine the appropriate location/Point, configure the speaker, and troubleshoot network speeds.

It may sound a bit complicated but do not worry about setting up Nest Wi-Fi. If you lack the know-how of setting it up. Whether it’s the basic knowledge of what a router is or what a modem is. The Google Home app helps you and takes you through the process of setting it up.

What are the benefits of Google Nest Wi-Fi?

A standard internet user expects decent bandwidth—usage in sharing files, streaming, and video calls. Regardless of your space, trust Google Mesh to deliver.

Some other highlights of Google Wi-Fi are it looks presentable. You will not be stuck with hardware that compromises the look of your home. The router is beautifully designed and comes in different colors ranging from light blue, blush, and white. The design looks nothing like the normal routers you’re used to. It has a pleasant rounded look.

Some other features you can find are smart speakers. You have parental control features. For your visitors, you can create a guest network. Connect your music and enjoy it while at it.

Generally, with Google Nest Wi-Fi, you enjoy faster performance, setting up the guest network is easy, Secondary Points can serve as smart speakers, and allows easy Nest smart displays integration to manage guest networks.

Alphayo Sande
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