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5 Things in 5 Minutes – How to Achieve Good Health

Personal health is the most pivotal thing in the course of our existence. In addition, a healthy body will be the most productive in all fields. Did you know that your daily activities play a great role in your health state? Lifestyle diseases result from the unhealthy activities we get used to daily. However, we can avoid such infections by performing health-boosting activities. Amazingly, you may not need so much time to complete such a task. The following are five things you can manage to do in just five minutes each and boost your health as a result.


Mental health is an essential factor in the life of any individual. However, most people forget about the importance of having a relaxed brain. In addition, they forget that the brain needs enough peace to concentrate. Meditation is among the most effective ways to get your brain calm and able to focus. For a healthy brain, please ensure that you take a 5-minute meditation every day before kicking off the day’s activities. Sit down on the floor, or a mat, in a relaxed and comfortable position. In addition, please do this with your eyes closed to avoid distraction from such features as wallpapers, windows, etc. Put your arms on your lap and keep quiet throughout the meditation period. Now start visualizing essential life issues that have already happened.

Moreover, consider the previous day’s activities, achievements, and failures. That should take you about 2 minutes. Take the next two minutes visualizing today’s activities, still in the same unmoved position. In addition, this will help you remember and plan for all the activities effectively. Consequently, you can now face the day with enough confidence. For the remaining 1 minute, breathe in, hold your breath, then breathe out in the ratio of 1:3:1. That is, breathe in for 6 seconds, hold your breath for 18 seconds, and finally breathe out for 6 seconds. One minute will allow for two such rounds. Now, your brain is ready for other activities.

Perform a few simple morning runs

Now, it’s time to get out of the house in some sports attire and have a five-minute workout. Early morning workouts ensure proper blood circulation and also increases your energy levels. Moreover, these workouts facilitate excellent lymphatic function. Amazingly, you do not need a long time for exercise, but five minutes of vigorous exercise are enough.

Enjoy the runs
Enjoy the runs

For instance, you can consider skipping with a rope as your morning exercise. Two minutes are enough for a hundred fast skips. Then, jog slowly for about 150 meters and then stop. You can make a few foot stretches before the next activity. That will take around one minute. With two minutes remaining for the workouts, make a splint to around 100 meters and back. Depending on your speed, you still have more than one minute left. Now jump 20 times at the same position to relax your muscles and tone down your heartbeat. For the remaining minute, make a mid-speed run (not too fast, not too slow) to about 200 meters and back. Now saunter towards the tour house to calm your body. Rigorous workouts are essential to excellent weight management. A series of these workouts will give you amazing results on the weight scale.

Have blood pressure checkup

A blood pressure test lets you know the pressure in your arteries as your heart pumps the blood. In addition, a routine blood pressure test is a perfect effort toward screening for hypertension (high blood pressure). Nowadays, with the tremendous advancement in health technology, you can check your blood pressure at home using home monitors. Equally important is that blood pressure screening is a pivotal step in general health care.

Checking blood pressure
Checking blood pressure

However, age is one factor to consider when deciding how often you should get a blood pressure checkup. For instance, if you are above eighteen but less than forty, you can take a blood pressure checkup at least once every two years. However, this does not mean that taking it more often harms your health. Usually, an average person between the age of 18 years and 40 years has optimal blood pressure and is not at a high risk of getting heart disease.

For people at the age of 40 years and above, or less than 40 but with an increased risk of getting hypertension, take a blood pressure test at least once every year. Darkening of the skin and obesity are some of the high blood pressure risk factors. In addition, there may be a need for people with high blood pressure, low blood pressure, or other chronic health conditions to have regular blood checkups.

Automated home monitors are very effective in self-blood pressure tests, which may take only five minutes. Furthermore, the current technology allows you to connect your monitor to a cell phone or a computer, granting you access to a reliable online medical record. However, home blood pressure monitors can’t substitute visiting your physician for a checkup.

What can you do?

The following are some to-do things before undertaking your blood pressure test:

  • Avoid smoking, caffeine, or exercise about an hour prior to the checkup, as these activities may increase your blood pressure.
  • Wear a sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt to ease the process of placing the blood pressure cuff around your arm.
  • Have at least a five-minute rest before taking the measurements.

Read a nutrition guide

A nutrition guide provides you with nutritional advice by categorizing food into food groups and giving specific serving recommendations for each of these groups. A nutrition guide can be in visual or written form and published by university health departments, health associations, or government agencies. Did you know that your eating habits can have a long-term impact on your health? Being obese or overweight increases your chances of developing such illnesses as:

  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Cancer
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea etc.

Such illnesses could decrease your general productivity or even cause early death. However, there has been a visible decrease in the prevalence of such infections. One of the reasons behind this decrease is proper dieting. A nutrition guide will help you learn how to avoid such situations. Moreover, you will know the benefits of excellent and controlled dieting and build up the body’s immunity. Spending just five minutes of your day reading a nutrition guide will keep you enlightened and improve your health.

Keep a close eye on your body weight and height

Your body weight is pivotal in determining your general health state. In addition, we consider body weight when examining the body mass index (BMI) to explore the risks of getting such irregularities as obesity. The weight to height ratio talk more about any presence of obesity and explains its type if it’s there. Earlier, measuring your body weight was tedious as you had to check at a health center.

Nowadays, so many people have ventured into the business of weight measurement, charging a relatively affordable fee. In addition, weight scales are now available in the market at an affordable price. Also, measuring your height is somewhat more straightforward nowadays. You can either improvise your height scale or purchase one. However, you may not record a significant height change at close time intervals, but you can check for any change at least once every year. Weight is, therefore, the critical factor in avoiding obesity. Keeping track of your weight and working towards controlling it will assure you of flexibility and good health.


The importance of a healthy body is incomparable with anything else in your life. Being unhealthy may create a lot of discomfort, pain, suffering, or death. It is therefore important that we take good care of our body health to avoid any inconveniences. Stick to the above 5 things in 5 minutes and you record a substantial health improvement.


Alphayo Sande
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