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Bathroom Wall Tiles Ideas

Increasingly, our bathrooms are becoming more than just a functional place to get clean. Today, it’s a place where we relax after a long day and unwind. Because it’s a room we all use every day, modern bathrooms can display your personality and interests and even help you pass time. Think out of the box to create unique looks while maintaining the practical elements. So how can you go about displaying your personality through your bathroom wall tiles? Here are some thoughts.

On your wall over the bath:

If you have an existing Bathroom, you might want to think about removing the existing tiles and perhaps a pedestal sink and put in a vanity, and possibly even a window. Painting a simple mural on your wall above the bath is a contemporary way to create a focal point and drama in your bathroom without breaking the bank. If you are planning to refurbish your bathroom and think that plain tiles are something that you would rather not have, another idea is to paint a mural over your tiles in your favorite color.

Your bathroom and bathtub
Fall in love with your bathroom.

On a wall with free wall space:

One thing that separates a modern bathroom from an older bathroom is the addition of free wall space. Another way to add interest to your bathroom is with a mural. Modern bathroom paint ideas make this simple because you can create your design, and your mural wall will definitely be one of a kind. A third bathroom tile idea is to paint a mural on the back wall of your shower. This design will work well in modern showers with glass doors. You will get the privacy from the glass and a great view from inside the shower.

Bathroom ambience
Make use of the available bathroom space.

On your floors:

Whether you have plain tiles or patterned tiles, there are plenty of fun modern ways to jazz up your floors without a lot of work. Paint a design on your floor tiles, and you will instantly add interest. Make the design as simple as possible – you don’t want your floors to be complicated and crowded, and instead, see this as the opportunity to use color in your bathroom. Wall-art on the floor can instantly add a pop of color and make the floor a focal point of your bathroom that you will enjoy for years to come.

On your vanity:

“Welcome to the hotel” This is a simple idea. You can print a photo of someone you wish to welcome you to your bathroom, or you can print a pattern. You could also do something livelier in your bathroom. There are plenty of patterns you can print onto items, such as t-shirts – and you can get personalized from those with your photograph or your name. For example, why not make your bathroom towels the same pattern? You could also make a simple frame for art such as photos, using single wood plaques – and nail them above the mirror, or maybe even in the bathroom.

More Ideas:

Make it simple

You can even use reclaimed wood or tiles to make a fairly unique single wood plaque.

Painting a label on a vase or bathroom accessory scrap could work just as well as a simple patterned tile. Think outside the box and use something new.

But again, don’t over clutter your bathroom. Remember to think about the focal point and make sure that it is attractive and makes your bathroom stand out.

Bathroom ambiance
Enjoy your bathroom ambiance

Consider your budget

Most of the ideas need to be done in a budget-friendly manner to save overall construction costs. You have to be careful and not go overboard because even the least expensive products and materials can add up to a big expense.

Remember that you can always use something simple and understated, even if you have a smaller Bathroom. You don’t have to go overboard and have a lot to cover all the walls of your bathroom. In the end, every bathroom is different, and tiles can help to make an individual style statement. Do it gradually so that you are not overwhelmed. Ensure that your bathroom and floors are clean when you begin stripping your other design elements – like your tiles.

Even if you want to save some money, don’t skimp on bathroom paint. You don’t have to buy cheap stuff. You can save some money on tiles, but you may end up splurging on other more expensive items such as your paint color if you don’t paint the contrast on your walls and the theme and texture on your floors. Don’t give your bathroom a makeover until you have a complete and balanced design thought out.

For example, you could use one black and white painting to create interest and contrast, and your floors could be a contrasting shade. This is exactly like choosing colors for your bathroom paints and accessories. The finish will depend on the size of your bathroom and your personality. Make use of tiles from a range of colors in your garage and paint them different colors depending on what you have in stock. You can mix all the colors and end up with a unique design that you may not have thought of.

Be free to use tiles from a source that you already have. You could always paint or attach them to the walls to make your wall design stand out.

These are just a few of the possibilities.

  • But again, you have to be careful not to lose focus. Keep your bathroom clean and attractive.
  • When you are finished with your design, you can expect it to end up being unique and different from other people’s bathroom designs.

Some pertinent rules

Follow these simple rules…

  1. Do not make your bathroom design complicated.
  2. Don’t over decorate.
  3. Keep your bathroom clean.
  4. Make sure your bathroom always looks beautiful.

Getting started with your bathroom design

You should care of the design to make it look nice. To get started, you need to have a simple design for your bathroom that is easy, affordable, and easy to update.

  1. Place a wooden plank above your toilet for decoration. White is always a good choice, and you can get a nice off-white shade for less money and give that room a washed out look.
  2. You can stick in a small mirror or piece of floating material. The mirror or material will help to give your bathroom depth.
  3. Be creative and hang up some decorative items on the wall behind the mirror. You could hang several things, like bowls, decals, or plant hooks, for many different items. You could even hang a picture of yourself or your family.
  4. The best way to hang the mirror is to put a hook on the back of it and hang it on a nail. You can then hang that on a rope behind the mirror. This is a good way to add beauty to your bathroom without blowing all your money.

The above points are only a few of the many ideas you can use for any Bathroom at home. You could always use your creativity and imagination to come up with more and more.

Saving money doesn’t have to be easy or fun to make a bathroom look great. If you get inspired, you can come up with a fantastic design and ideas to do the entire bathroom. Remember that you can always add a budget to your design and still keep your bathroom very nice. You can do this with tiles, and you can easily save money. It is possible to slightly differ your basic design so that you do not have to spend a lot of money to make your bathroom beautiful. Thus, you will not be in debt for years.

You always have to ensure that your design is, first of all, nice – to make your bathroom look nice.

A well-decorated bathroom always makes a beautiful home. A well-decorated bathroom is a bathroom that is beautiful and fashionable. It is one that will make your family members and your guests smile when they enter your bathroom. Such a bathroom looks impressive, and that will make your visitors feel at home.

You can have your bathroom looking nice and classy with just a few simple touches to your design.


I have carefully worked on creating a design that is unique, reliable, and beautiful. Bath-tubs are beautiful. It is not limited to only the size and shape. You can create different kinds of designs with the use of tile. And you should be committed to creating a Bathroom that is important to you and will make your life better.

These are just a few ideas that are just a small sample of how to think out of the box to design your bathroom. Whatever you choose, your bathroom will become more than just a functional place to get clean. Have fun and have a unique bathroom at home. The options are endless; all you need is a little imagination.

If you have any other design ideas, please write them in the comments and remember to share with your friends.

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