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Dining Room Decoration Tips for Beginners

First of all, consider the color of your walls. I prefer a neutral color such as white, or even light green, which is such a nice light color I find. You have to remember that the dining room is the place where all your friends will be coming over for anniversaries and birthdays, so you have to be sure to do it right.

You might also want to consider whether you would rather decorate your room with a nice piece of artwork or develop a theme for your dining room. A theme is an excellent idea, but only if you are willing to take the time to put into it.

Dining Room Colors

Dining room colors

First off, you have the option of painting your dining room a solid color or one that has a pattern. I think that a single colored room is much cleaner and more elegant looking. It also takes up less time. On the other hand, a room with a pattern can be much more entertaining. Paint your room a light, bright color such as light green. It is such a nice, peaceful color and can brighten up a room. You might want to consider a lighter shade of green, such as sage or even khaki. These darker shades of green can be very calming. Some other colors you might want to consider are baby blue, light brown, or pink. Sometimes it can also look nice to have a different color on the ceiling or the wall that angles up towards the ceiling.

Furniture Type

Dining room furniture type

You will next want to think about how you can fit the furniture in the room. I recommend using one alcove for the dining area and two alcoves for the kitchen and the two bathrooms. Each of these alcoves should be long enough to fit a bed, a small dresser, and a nightstand. In the center of the room, you can put a small dining table or a piano. You should be able to fit many people around the table. I would recommend at least 8 people. This can be a good size because it will make your guests feel very at home.

The Dining Room Walls

Dining room walls

Next, you need to consider how you will decorate the walls. The walls should surround your entire room evenly. If you ever get a guest that you like, and they like you, they will always want to come over to your house. They will want to talk to you, and you will need to make sure they have a safe place to sit. You can place some cushions on real chairs, or you can use an alcove for a guest chair and put it closer to the edge of the room. Then the people who want to sit there will feel included in the conversation, but they will still be able to see the entire room.


People in your party will always want to walk around and talk to each other. While some people prefer to sit on the floor, others would like a seat close to you but not too close. You can consider making a table for them, and placing it against the edge of the room, so they can get close to you, but not too close to the others.


When decorating your dining room, you should consider adding more than one theme. For example, you could have a forest theme one day and a space theme the next. You will want to go for an Arctic theme on your birthday. The main idea is to have a party in your room, either for you or for your guests. You can also invite guests just to come over to your dining room, to hang out together quietly. Your creatures will love you for it.

Dining room theme


This is a method of decorating that you should use. It is very simple but can be done in many different ways. The main thing you need to remember is to not make the room too crowded, for any reason. It should feel like your home, so make sure you do not take a lot of time to decorate, though it can be very fun to do.


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