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Why you should invest in Edge Computing

In recent months, coronavirus has rummaged and sunk many airlines, restaurants, and hotels. But it has not wrecked the American economy. Despite a large number of organizations and employers going through rough economic times, America has still maintained and has not sunk into depression. The thread that is holding it all together is not the checks that the government is giving. Most Americans have continued to work during this season. Most of these Americans are working from their homes. It is a significant milestone considering a while ago; that was not a possibility.

It is all made possible by the cloud. The cloud is not very familiar to everyone, and most people do not understand its importance.

The possibilities that the cloud gives us as endless. It gets shipped to you from things that have become such a part of us, like ordering your groceries on your smartphone. We have different platforms that help us do that, case in point Amazon, Walmart, etc. You can watch your movies online with services like Netflix. And we have also come to an age where you don’t have to carry your radio cassette or Discman to listen to your music. You can listen to music on platforms like Spotify. When you have symptoms and cannot access a hospital, you can always get in touch with a doctor with apps like Teladoc or Livongo. And for many of these businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, unlike their counterparts who have got wrecked, these companies have been thriving.

The cloud has made more investors millionaires in the past two decades. But what is the cloud? You can define a cloud as a data center that is full of many supercomputers.

Looking at the most prominent cloud businesses for the last decade or so. Most of them have been recording profits, and their shares keep soaring. Examples like Amazon, Salesforce, Shopify, RingCentra1, Alteryx, Paycom Software, etc. have been rewarding their investors, and they are going to continue in the same trend.

When you look at cloud computing, most of the money has already been made. Most of these cloud businesses have already established themselves. If you are looking to invest where you can get the gains that cloud computing has had for the last decade or so, you need to look at the next big thing.

The next big thing is not 5G, or artificial intelligence, neither augmented reality but in Edge Computing. Edge computing connects all the new technologies we have today. Cloud computing is excellent but with the emergence of new technologies every day. The cloud technology is not too fast to handle current breakthroughs in tech.

One example that I can use is self-driving cars. The technology needs to be fast to make accurate and to the point decisions. In case the car is about to run into an object, if it does not process that data quickly enough and stop, it might hit the object. The data has to be relayed to a data center far away to get processed when dealing with cloud computing. The execution of the processes in the self-driving car cannot afford to waste any second.

When it comes to edge computing; on the other hand, the data gets processed immediately at what they call the edge of the network. There is no need to send data to a data center somewhere. It makes this technology extremely fast. Research shows that the edge computing processing speed is 30 times more compared to cloud computing.


Looking at the future, many investors in IT will spend at least 30% on edge computing. The market for edge computing will have grown 54% and worth at least $29 billion in the coming five years.

Edge computing is the place to go if you are looking for an excellent investment opportunity. Edge computing is not mainstream, and you will not see much about it. But at the moment, the stock lists Fastly and Cloudfare and some of the public stocks on edge computing.


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