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Buying a Mouse – The Top tips to consider

A mouse is one of the hardware components of a computer. It helps in data input and playing games on your PC. A mouse, like any other device, undergoes wear and tear when used. It makes it essential to replace it to get better play and work. Replacement reduces wrist and finger injuries. What are the elements to consider while buying a mouse?

Buying a mouse
What are the important factors to consider when buying a mouse?

Individual needs when buying a mouse

A mouse should suit your needs and solve all your computer issues like file management. Buying a mouse will depend on the specific task it handles best.

a) Gaming Mouse

Computer games need accuracy and speed. Game lovers should go for this type of mouse. It makes the game enjoyable for its efficiency. The higher quality sensor improves accuracy during game-play. Utech Smart Venus mice have DPI switches. Switches help in toggling between higher DPI and lower DPI settings. It enables the cursor to be more accurate and smoother or faster, depending on the DPI setting.

b) Travel mouse

It’s a standard mouse and possesses two or three-button units. It can be wireless or cabled. It’s a travel mouse since it fits in a tight place. It handles heavy duties making it ideal for massive data input. It’s not ergonomic.

Ergonomic mouse

It is hand fitting and best for massive data input. You won’t strain your wrist and fingers while using it. The comfort depends on your likes as they come in different shapes and sizes. We have the left-handed and right-handed versions. Before purchasing, test the various types to get the one that fits, and you are comfortable with. A vertical mouse is also a special type of these ergonomic mice. A clicking sound of a mouse while pressing it might be annoying. The VicTsing Silent Mouse is the solution.

Check the Dots Per Inch (DPI)

Do you consider the DPI when buying a mouse? A mouse with a higher DPI is not preferable for use. DPI indicates how faster a mouse is. The higher speed mouse isn’t an excellent choice. It becomes essential in high resolutions and multi-monitor setups. For tasks that need greater attention, a higher DPI isn’t good at all. Although high DPI is good for games, you need a mouse that you can adjust the DPI.

Polling Rate

When buying a  mouse, you should worry about the polling rate. We measure the polling rate in Hertz (Hz). It shows the rate per second a mouse reports its position to the computer. The number indicates its accuracy and smooth movement. Games need a 500 Hz plus.

Optical vs. Laser mice

Optical mice reflect off the below surfaces on optical mice. Laser mice use a laser track movement. Laser mice use a wide range of surfaces like glass. Optical only uses flat and opaque surfaces. The laser has high sensitivity and DPI. It causes an acceleration problem. Gamers need to buy an optical one over the laser one.

Wireless mouse

They are becoming more common. A gamer needs a wired mouse for reliability and consistency. On a wireless mouse, there isn’t clutter from the cable. Wireless mouse allows for control of a PC within a space range but distant from the main computer.

Bluetooth mouse

Wireless mice range from Bluetooth to radio-frequency (RF) models. Bluetooth is the best. It has a longer lifespan battery and doesn’t need a USB port. One mouse can serve several computers.

Buying a Mouse and Track-pad

A standalone touch-pad is more of the same as a laptop mouse. It’s not recommendable for gaming and photo editing. Logitech Zone Touch and Apple Magic Mouse 2 have a touch-sensitive panel.

Before buying a mouse, check on the task at hand based on your taste and preference. Get your mouse for that specific activity you want to tackle and enjoy your work.

Alphayo Sande
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