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Brain hacks to improve motivation while working from home

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, life has changed. It brought the world to a standstill. Working from home has replaced the long working hours in the office. Life has turned out to be monotonous. It’s due to the strict restrictions placed by the governments in a bid to stop the spread of the disease. Monotony has resulted in a lack of motivation. Lack of motivation, in turn, leads to poor productivity.

Different chemicals control your body – they dictate your feelings, thinking, talking, and behavior. Physical intelligence gives one the ability to determine and influence the balancing of body chemicals. It aids in achieving higher and work with limited stress. The application of physical intelligence techniques in normal life situations is good. They include breathing, thinking, moving, and interaction. Elements of physical intelligence are important for productivity and motivation. They include strength, flexibility, resilience, and endurance.


A positive feeling is when our dopamine rises, and cortisol settles to optimal. It triggers our strength in pursuing anything. Lack of motivation arises when the cortisol rises above the dopamine. Your instincts move away from what you are pursuing. Doing the same things several times can cause low motivation. Realizing situations that lead to low motivation can make you more productive. When leading a group, speak and behave in a way that draws members together. Being empowered, confident, and tolerant makes you stronger and alert. Take paced breathing. It powers up the brains and stabilizes our emotions. It creates room to handle situations with balance and control.


Inadequate motivation results in low inspiration, especially when doing things again and again. Thinking in a divergent way, being creative and innovative improve inspiration. Companies should adopt creative responses to unique challenges brought by the pandemic. Mental inflexibility may result from physical inflexibility. Free your mind by reducing body tension. Take a walk as an exercise. Walking activates the body and mind. It creates an environment for innovation as a person is more innovative while on a walk. Focus on beautiful things to spark creativity. Create a positive mood for encouraging others and valuing their contributions. Encourage colleagues to be risk-takers as this allows the implementation of ideas.


It is the ability to recover from an adverse situation or challenge. A mindset that develops avenues of support in a scenario results in optimism. It increases individual productivity. Lack of motivation leads to low productivity. After strenuous activity, create adequate time to rest. Relaxation and recovery are pillars of resilience. In life, it’s important to balance the act of effort to recover. Build and maintain support networks whenever in a crisis to reduce oxytocin levels. Support may not be one on one but through media where you can share with friends.


It’s the mental toughness planning and resilience. While partaking in strenuous activity, endurance is vital to meet the results. Appreciate yourself and do personal encouragement to overcome the task at hand. Schedule your tasks to have vital ones tackled first when the memory is clear and sharp. It enables the quick absorption of information. It creates confidence and motivation that you will carry out throughout the day. Utilizing your strengths and aligning yourself with your values scales up motivation. Take note of your inner motivators to enhance your productivity. In a company, accept mistakes and own them rather than blaming each other. The process develops autonomy and relatedness. Strong bonds and positive criticism in an individual promote productivity and motivation.

Physical intelligence techniques enhance motivation and productivity in individuals. Their adoption leads to a better working environment.

Alphayo Sande
Alphayo Sandehttps://www.shiftingnews.com
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