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Affordable Phone Deals during Black Friday

When shopping for an affordable phone, it is good to try the Black Friday deals. This article explores how to search for an affordable phone to land great black Friday good phone deals. Indeed, there are universal rules that we apply when shopping for phones. However, when you are looking for a cheap device, you might want to prioritize certain features and specifications over others. You might not get the best performance and sexy OLED screen from the year’s best phone. However, you can shop smart and get the best phone within your price range.

Affordable phone

Which features should we prioritize? Storage options, technical specifications, and display resolution are essential. From the affordable phones out this year, it is easy to land a good phone that meets your budget and specifications.

The majority of these phone vendors will get their version of Black Friday phone sales. These sales deals are not the preserve of pricey flagship phones alone. The features you should look for include price, battery life, camera, and display. The following are the top five tips to consider when shopping for cheap smartphones and get a good black Friday phone deal.

Big battery

The biggest complaint that smartphone users raise is battery life taking a short time. However, batteries get bigger across the market spectrum. Please pay close attention to the battery’s capacity and how it translates to the phone’s battery life, that is, the longer your phone will last. This feature is where cheap and affordable phones flex in to edge out competitors. Greater battery capacity correlates to better battery life, so a battery close to 4000mAh is ideal.


For the affordable segment of the market, phone storage will not exceed 64GB of a hard disk. The chunk of this space will get occupied by the OS and other preloaded software. Therefore, you will have a small space to store your apps, text messages, and photos. Because of this bottleneck, 128GB of storage space is the new threshold. However, this might not be there in the model you are looking for now. The most important thing is the expandable storage through microSD that allows you to slot in an inexpensive memory card to expand your storage.


For an affordable segment of the phones, you will only need rear and front cameras on almost all phones. What matters with cameras is the software, and cheap and affordable phones do not ship with good-quality photo software. The phone will take good photos in daylight, and when night falls, the photo quality will get impaired. Affordable phones are adding extra cameras at the back; this means you will get main, shooter, and ultra-wide cameras. All these are handy and provide a good variety. However, phone photo software will make a difference in photo quality.

Great display

For the last few years, the display has come out strongly. We desire our phones to reach full HD or 1080p, 1080 pixels with 1920 pixels screen. For the type of display, OLED or AMOLED displays offer more dynamic color palettes. However, you should not dismiss the LCD. Extremely cheap phones have LCD screens. Ensure you make a good comparison with competitors to spot a good screen for the phone. Cheap phones choose to wildly vibrant color spread to cover the poor quality displays.

Good specifications for a cheaper phone

It sounds normal, but getting the best specification in a smartphone ensures it run very well. The first feature to look for is RAM and chipset. For RAM, the choice is straightforward; the more RAM, the better the phone. For affordable phones, 4GB of RAM is an ideal baseline for phones running Android OS. However, iOS phones needless to function. For chipsets, the higher the number of cores and speed, the better the phone. Premiums Android phones ship with Snapdragon 665 chipsets.


The cheaper phone market has little benefits that flagship phones miss, such as extensive battery life and other features that phone makers add like a stylus for Moto G stylus.


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