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Ways to boost the battery life of an Android phone

Many things contribute to the draining of your phone battery. Such include fast internet, background processes, a fast processor, and screen brightness. The short battery life is now forcing people to have more than one battery at hand, just in case.

Newer android version such as Marshmallow has extra functionalities that help in the reduction of power consumption. One of the features is, your phone will go to sleep and suspend all background processes when not in use except for essential functions. Here are a few tips you can follow to save your Android phone battery life.

Enable power-saving mode

Have you been in a situation where you wish your battery could last a little while longer? Most Android phones have a power-saving mode that will cut back on battery usage and restrict them to essential functionalities only. In most cases, on power save mode, you will only be able to call, text, use the alarm, and the calendar.

Use your Wi-Fi as an alternative

Enabling cellular data often strains your battery as Wi-Fi, on the other hand, consumes less power. If you are not expecting any call, you can switch to airplane mode and turn on the Wi-Fi.

Turn off the tracking services

You need to cut down on the Services and app that constantly pings your phone to update your location. A feature like Bluetooth is notorious for draining your power and, if you are looking to save some, you should turn it off. Also, turn off your voice assistant on your phone since it is always listening and waiting for your commands.

Reduce your screen brightness

Smartphones have amazing displays these days. But accompanying this great visualization is excess power consumption. The phone needs plenty of power to be able to run its effects smoothly. So, you should consider reducing your screen brightness. Also, disable the auto-brightness, which adjusts the screen brightness to give the best display. You should set the level of screen brightness based on its convenience to you. Also, set the duration your device’s screen will stay on when idle.

Reconsider widgets and wallpapers

Keep off from live wallpaper since they need the energy to run. Also, choose background images with less color. That way, you will save power since the phone will use more energy to render different colors.

Keep your phone on silent mode

Sound and buzzing from each notification that comes in will surely drain your battery. Go to your sound setting and disable all non-essential tones and hepatic feedbacks.

Manage your apps

Keep your app up-to-date to ensure they run efficiently. As we already know, cellular data consume a lot of energy; consider restricting your apps to only update on Wi-Fi. Another alternative is to disable auto-updates so that you can update apps at your will. Limit the background app from accessing the internet. Since constant auto-refreshing of apps such as social media platforms will drain your battery.

Have a backup plan

Sometimes draining your battery is inevitable. Get yourself a backup battery in case you may need it.


The cell phone controls most of our life’s activities today, to a point we cannot do without them. Just as we feed, they also need the power to keep them running. With the growing applicability of the phone, we have to devise ways to keep them running for a long as possible. Follow the above tips and enjoy your phone.

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