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Why Android phones users will not worry about battery life

The world all over; the use of Android phones is on the rise; similarly, developers continue to develop tools that make us comfortable when we use these devices. The best thing about android smartphones is the plethora of apps available from the Google play store. Such apps enable us to carry out our banking transactions, request a ride, order items from a retail store, remotely monitor our house when we are away, monitor our body essentials, and even entertain us. Over time android phone users have been a worried lot because they have a device that has helped them in their daily chores. Still, battery life has been a significant disappointment, especially when installing many applications and using them on a day-to-day basis. As a stopgap measure, users on transit have been using one or more power banks to remedy this problem.


Lucky enough, this concern will be a thing of the past owing to new technological inventions that are under consideration. Qualcomm is a US leading chip manufacturer of android smartphones that has announced groundbreaking innovations that have excited users of smartphone users. Therefore, smartphone users do not need to worry about the battery life of their phones or merely the amount of power left in the battery. In the coming month’s android phones, the innovations are that ship with Qualcomm processors will have the ability to charge in a few minutes. To Qualcomm, this innovative technology is known as a quick charge.

The upcoming android phones will be a significant boost to phones battery life credit goes to Qualcomm, and users will continue to enjoy cool features with less worry about battery life. The new charging technology will see android phones charge from zero to 50 percent in less than 5 minutes from the projections of Qualcomm.

Fast-Charge Technology

This breakthrough in how we charge our phones will render the nightmare of losing battery power something of the past. If you notice your phone’s battery is low before you step out, maybe to meet friends or to the store, you can recharge past half charge in less than five minutes, and you are out to have fun.

Companies like Huawei and OnePlus are already providing fast-charge in their range of devices. However, Qualcomm innovations are just blistering and unmatched; this will put smiles on the faces of android smartphone users.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 innovative technology is the first global commercial fast charging platform that can support over 100W of charging power in android smartphones. The majority of the finest android phones come with between 20W to 25W chargers. Therefore the new charging system can be more than five times faster in providing devices a huge battery boost for the few minutes you plug to the wall.

The Quick Charge 5 charging technology is the fastest and more versatile charging technology around. It will empower users to enjoy devices for a long time with less worry of time to recharge. Qualcomm is continually working with manufacturers to make quality devices to satisfy consumers’ demand for an accessible and immersive mobile phone experience. Quick Charge 5 is 70 % more efficient than fast speed, compared to other Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technologies like Quick Charge 4. In addition to charging, Quick Charge 5 also keeps significant safety measures so that users do not worry about phone melting when charged.

More Features of Fast-Charge

Quick Charge 5 technology integrates 12 separate current, voltage, and temperature protection, comprising of external power controls beyond 30V and USB input over-voltage protection at 25V. Moreover, while it is charging, this technology runs ten degrees Celsius cooler than Quick Charge 4.

Quick Charge 5 technology will soon hit the market. Qualcomm anticipated devices with this technology to be available in the market from the third quarter of 2020. The latest processors Snapdragon 865 plus and 865 power the finest android flagships smartphones already come with Quick Charge 5. Such news will excite the ever-growing number of android smartphone users.

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