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Iconic Uhuru Park and Central Park Rehabilitation Process in Kenya

The rehabilitation of the iconic Uhuru Park and Central Park in Kenya is well underway. There have been several changes in the park and installation of several new social amenities. These improvements include waterfronts, a new modern garden, and several high-end hotels.

Central Park in Nairobi City
Central Park in Nairobi City

The rehabilitation of Nairobi’s iconic Uhuru Park and Central Park began in September 2021 and aims to bring the park back to life. Both parks have been out of date for many years. The basic facilities were built for a population that lived in the 1960s and 1970s. The park is now in need of a complete makeover.

The Uhuru Park is a 12.9 hectare recreation park adjacent to the city center. It is a favorite among visitors and locals. An artificial lake and national monuments are visible from the park. The park also includes an assembly ground. It has been the location of numerous religious and political gatherings. It has even been home to Kenya’s Freedom Corner.

Uhuru Park

The redevelopment of the parks is part of the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy plan, which includes rehabilitating urban parks. The parks in Nairobi have significant historical significance, but there has been neglect over the years. The new vision for the parks includes landscaping, playgrounds, and architecture.

Enjoy the amazing views of Uhuru Park and Nairobi Expressway in view in the video below:

Major facelifts by Nairobi Metropolitan Services

In the recent past, Nairobi Metropolitan Services has undertaken major facelifts of the iconic Central Park and Uhuru Park in the heart of Nairobi. These two landmarks are part of Nairobi’s central business district. The late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta originally opened the parks on 23 May 1969. However, the parks are now in a much better shape than before, with a redesigned Central Park that will be able to accommodate a growing number of visitors.

Uhuru Park with Nairobi Expressway in view

The facelifts began in September 2021, after Nairobi County Assembly passed a bill to provide funding for public services and ensure these places retain their appeal, historical significance and recognition. In addition to these facelifts, the NMS has also been working on preliminary work at both parks. While some critics may see the renovations as a grab of the historic sites, Kenyan leaders are confident the improvements will result in a much better public space with international standards.

Among the many improvements planned for the iconic Uhuru Park are a modern garden with waterfronts. The facilities will also have enhanced walkways. In addition, the park will house the new Uhuru Aquascape aquarium. There will also be a new restaurant, an outdoor amphitheatre, cycling tracks, jogging tracks, outdoor library, skating park, offices, nature trail, and a children’s play area.

Uhuru Park housing a plane

The park was gazetted by Kenya’s first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, on 23 May 1969. In the park, there is a monument dedicated to the Mau-Mau freedom fighters who suffered torture during the colonial era. The revamped parks will be vital for the nation’s social & economic development, and the physical well-being of its citizens.

Social Amenities in Uhuru and Central Parks

The Rehabilitation of the Iconic Uhuru and Central Parks in Kenya will create new green spaces, including a skate park, and new sports facilities. The parks will also feature an outdoor gym and jogging trails. Ultimately, the two parks will also feature high-end hotels. The rehabilitation of the parks is part of a presidential legacy project that requires the full support of the county government.

One of the entrances at Uhuru Park

However, this facelift has been controversial, as the iconic pavilion was torn down, and Kenyans expressed concerns about the number of trees being destroyed.

The rehabilitation of the Iconic Uhuru Park and Central Park in Kenya is a long-overdue project. The Nairobi Metropolitan Services aimed to transform the two historic parks into modern recreation centers that will benefit the public. Unfortunately, while these projects will result in an enhanced Uhuru Park and Central Park, they will remain closed to the public for several months.

Nairobi City Centre and Central Park

Renovations of the Central Park and Uhuru Park delayed in November 2021 due to a legal battle. But construction works resumed after everything came in order.

The Central Park is/will be fenced and manned, with terraced sitting areas and a biosphere feel. The park will also have several restaurants, including a high-end restaurant and a dance fountain. In addition, the park will also feature an outdoor library, where book launches will take place.


Nairobi’s iconic Uhuru Park is currently undergoing a major renovation. New features will include a waterfront garden, skateboarding park, nature trail, enhanced walkways and green spaces. In addition, the park’s lily pond will become an aquarium. It will also feature terraced sitting areas and a dancing fountain. In addition, several eateries and high-end hotels will be in the park.

The Uhuru Park and Central Park in Kenya lie next to each other. Both parks have lawns, gardens, shade trees, and a children’s playground. The park is also home to the Nyayo Monument, a monument built by former President Moi in 1988. Another green space, the Jeevanjee Gardens, is located near the city center. An Indian merchant donated the park donated to Nairobi in 1903. It is home to a statue of the late Indian merchant, Alibhai Mullah Jeevanjee.

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