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Will you buy an iPhone 12 or wait for the rollout of iPhone 13?

Owning an iPhone is always a thrill for many. Additionally, having the latest version with all the upgrades and new features is something to look forward to. If you are looking to buy an iPhone, the iPhone 12 is the best you can get currently. However, we are expecting the rollout of the iPhone 13 very soon. So which is the way to go with these conflicting options?

The iPhone 12 is enjoying some excellent reviews, and one would think it is better to get it rather than waiting for something they are unsure of in the future. With availability since last fall, it is a sensible decision to buy an iPhone 12 now. However, there are drawbacks to purchasing the current version now. Since the iPhone 12 is almost completing its lifespan, it would not be a wise idea to get one now.

iPhone compare

It is a tough choice to make since there are many situations and aspects to consider. So, if you need an iPhone and you are spoilt for choice, we understand your situation. This article is going to guide you in the direction you should take and why. At the end of reading this article, you will be able to make the right call with a lot of confidence.

Cost of the iPhone

The cost of a device is always the deciding factor when choosing a phone. And as expected, the iPhone 13 will be more expensive compared to iPhone 12. A good deal is good enough to sort out your indecision on the phone that fits your budget.

If you need a new device for the service, such as changing the carrier, you should look out for special trade-in deals with your provider. You could save a lot of money. Also, if you are not so enthusiastic about iPhone 13 but rather you need a functional phone within your price range, you could wait until the iPhone 13. The release will cause a drastic drop in the cost of the iPhone 12. And that might be your opportunity to get an otherwise cheap phone.

Upcoming features for the iPhone 13

As it is the norm, a higher version must have something more advanced compared to previous versions. Similarly, we expect iPhone 13 to be better than iPhone 12. This is the more reason you should wait for the release of the iPhone 13. Rumor has it that the new version will have a 120Hz refresh rate. For those that understand electronics and display jargon, it means that the iPhone 13 will be the first phone to have such kind of display. The iPhone 12 only has a 60Hz display. This new feature will make the scrolling through websites and apps snappier and smoother.

The awesome iPhone 12

We also expect an upgrade of the camera on the iPhone 13. It has been the trend each year.

Also, expect several software upgrades for the models that Apple support. Keep in mind that you may find yourself locked out when Apple stops providing updates for any older model. So you must stay up to date and get the latest iPhone if possible.

Battery life and screen strength

It is sometimes rough when you have to live with a gadget that functions poorly and has several damages. For instance, the significant visible damage to any phone is a cracked screen. Also, you cannot ignore a failing battery that goes off after every few hours. The iPhone 12 comes with improved battery life and a stronger glass for the screen. It is time to escape some of these frustrating issues by getting yourself an iPhone 12.

recharging the iPhone 12

Apple ensured that they get rid of the cracked screen problem by introducing the ceramic shield glass on iPhone 12. It is one of the critical improvements that not only protects the screen by also improves the display. The Ceramic shield glass is a product of Corning. The glass shield is tougher than the majority of metals. This is good news to those people that are prone to dropping their phones. Also, if you are such a person and willing to wait a bit longer for the iPhone 13, you will reap a better reward.

Broken screen of an iPhoneiPhone with a broken screen

5G capability for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13

There is a lot of chatter about the 5G currently. Though it is not yet service, potential producers are overhyping it, and cellular companies are racing to produce phones that will have the capability to work with 5G. That said, the iPhone 12 is among the first phones to have the 5G capability. So, if you are looking for a phone intending to access 5G in the future, iPhone 12 is a good option. By default iPhone 13 will also have 5G capability. So, this feature will not be the deciding factor of whether it is either of the two that you will select.

Bypass the chatter

the amazing iPhone 12

The algorithmic composition of older iPhone versions is different compared to the latest ones. Moving from a model such as the iPhone X series to an iPhone 12 is a complete and total revolution. The current models use an OLED screen and an advance A14 Bionic central processing unit.

Don’t stay outdated

The major reasons companies come up with new versions of the product are keeping up with the ever-changing trends and staying up to date. So you should also get yourself out of the old software and operating system by getting a newer version.

For instance, if you were using an iPhone 11, it will not make sense to get an iPhone 12 now. You will not have a better experience worth your money since the iPhone 12 is a slight upgrade of the iPhone 11. It will make more sense to get the future version which will give you a better experience. With iPhone 13, you will most likely enjoy new features and better performance.

The marvelous camera of an iPhone

However, if you cannot wait until the release date, the iPhone 12 will equally serve your needs but at a slightly lower capacity than what is to come.

It is no secret that iPhone is one of the best phones in the market. And having one opens you up to endless possibilities. Buying a phone can be difficult when you are spoilt for choice. The iPhone 12 and 13 have their merits and demerits. The knowledge of new features creates excitement for people waiting to buy the iPhone 13. However, the uncertainty and makes the available iPhone 12 an excellent phone to have now. Ultimately it is a tough choice, and you should consider the above tips before you buy.

Good luck.



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