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TikTok app Alternatives on iPad and iPhone devices

With the threat to ban the TikTok app in the US market, it is time to shop for an alternative app to replace it. This article outlines possible replacements to TikTok for users using iPhone and iPad users. Over the recent past, TikTok has received huge scrutiny for several reasons, first is its act of clipboard snooping, and potential dangers posed to US security and its possession by Chinas technology company ByteDance. To maintain the operation of TikTok in the US market in the event of the ban, Microsoft has offered to acquire it. Because of continued pressure to ban the app, users must consider other viable alternatives that provide similar services as TikTok. The following are possible options that can fill the void of the TikTok ban.


Developed by a co-founder of Vine, Byte provides a short-looping video service as TikTok. With Byte, users have the opportunity to record a six-second video that loops automatically then shares with the Byte community. Vine and Byte have many similarities; however, Byte focuses more on looping instead of making short-form videos. This feature makes Byte the best for music since the timeframe is adequate to generate a simple melody that is repeatable to endless tune. Byte has numerous genres of videos to watch, ranging from animations, food, Minecraft, dreams, rats, and books. To create a video, this app provides essential tools to fill six seconds with clip insertion, self-timer, and choices to include GIFs, photographs, and floating text to the scene.


It is an old app but still popular. A lip-synchronization app focuses on making a video to follow the existing soundtrack. Several videos on the TikTok app utilize similar ideas; hence, it is closer to TikTok feature-wise compared to Byte and others. Users of Dubsmash have the option of selecting their audio or a library of sounds when recording a video. To make the video outstanding, you can tweak several filters and effects. Once you have created the video, you can view and publish other Dubsmash users, with extra options to share with other users on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.


Users know Funimate as the most fun and easiest video editor, and this app focuses on providing real-time transitions and effects to its users. Funimate is rich with features including music video-style effects, outro and intro animations, transitions, and video effects. Besides, the app provides a collection of text overlays in several styles, stickers, and emoji. Users can edit videos and share them on other social media platforms such as WhatsApp. Not all the features are freely available, so the subscription unlocks the other features.


Facebook owns Instagram. Instagram is popular for sharing still images, though it is also possible to share short-form videos. Users can share videos with a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of 6 seconds duration. With a selection of several videos comes an additional step. You select the first video then tap on the trim button, next you tap on the plus icon followed by the selection of any number of videos. You can also use trim to change the lengths of videos for keeping within upload limits or for art. An elementary editor permits chopping the start and end of the video.


It is similar to TikTok since it allows the production of dancing, lip-synching, and other shareable videos. Triller has several add-ons, filters, and millions of songs for you to use in addition to artist-exclusive filters like Megan Thee Stallion and John Legend. The triller editing tool is AI-powered. Users can benefit by providing several videos like multiple flavors for a similar soundtrack or song. The automated editor will edit to the music video. Users of Triller can enjoy music stored on Spotify accounts or Apple Music accounts.

Finding one alternative

Notwithstanding overlaps and similarities amongst all the services, apps that become successful have unique characteristics. Therefore, TikTok succeeded not because of technical capabilities but because of how it offered a mix of appealing features. However, no one app can replace TikTok because all have unique and appealing features, and they continue to expand and develop.


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