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Social Media and the Art of Making Money

How much time do you spend on social media? Most people spend around two hours daily on social media. The addicts spend even more.  You can make a lot of money from the two hours you spend on social media if you play it well. There is a lucrative business on social media that needs your commitment and efforts.

With the rise of social media, many people wonder how to turn their online networks into money-making machines. One way is through affiliate marketing, which offers bloggers and social media users a chance to make money off their audience and connections. Affiliate marketing is similar to selling products through online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist, except that you’re selling someone else’s products. You can earn a lot on either Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram, or any other platform. Social media addict can turn their fun into earnings.

Social Media Platforms

Does the Number of Followers Determine What You Can Earn?

The number of followers can or cannot determine your earning. Some may think that because they have many friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, this will translate directly into more money for them. The truth is that social media makes it easier to connect with people who are interested in your products and services. The challenge is to turn those connections into leads through the effective use of your own social media channels.

You Don’t Need More Followers to Earn More Money

Many people on Tik Tok and Instagram think that you need thousands of followers to earn more money. Brands are currently interested in quality over quantity. You rather have a small but engaging audience. Companies are no longer rushing for expensive celebrities to advertise their products. Go for the right target group with the correct content. It is, therefore, not the issue of the number of followers but the type of followers.

The Amount of Money Depends On the Number of Followers

Nobody is going to spend money on a small follower. If your content does not reach a large number of people, you will not earn out it. You need to have 1000 followers to start earning a small amount of money on your social media channel.

People make money on Instagram, social media, and blogging. They spend most of their time generating content that attracts move followers and viewers. The process of building a personal profile is time-consuming and needs dedication and effort. If you are a full-time degree student, you may experience the challenge of having time and commitment to developing a social media profile.

Currently, Tik Tok and Instagram are the primary social site that attracts enough amount of money. The trend keeps on changing. Popular sites today may not be the best come next year. It would be best if you kept checking. Be flexible to remain on top of changing trends in the industry.

Finding your space on social media and make money

There are thousands of people already making money on social media. Invest in uniqueness in your game to excel in the social media business. You don’t need to strive to find a very extraordinary thing to survive, instead find a specific niche where you can excel. You may find your passion or areas where you are knowledgeable. Ensure that you are working on something you enjoy doing.

Social media strategy

Once you have identified your area of interest, focus on a specific angle that people have not exploited before. Avoid doing general blogs. Have a particular aspect that makes you stand unique from the rest.

You may need to look around what others do on Snapchat, Tik Tok, or other social media platforms. It will ignite your creativity but don’t fall into it. Stop imitating their niche. Develop your engaging idea that generates conversations for many years. You, therefore, need to be deep in your thought and content.

Build a Community with Social Media:

Many people who try social media for the first time find it to be overwhelming. They are not sure what to say and how often to say it. Their profiles languish without posts, and their followers dwindle because they have nothing new or interesting to share with them. The key is to build relationships through social media by leading people in your online community, not by trying to sell things directly from your pages. Make a habit of sharing good things with your page’s members and reply to their comments.

Make the Most of Social Media:

Advertising on social media networks is not the same as traditional online ads. Unlike large network sites such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter are interactive content-sharing sites where you hope to connect with people who have an interest in your business. You need to focus your audience and focus on building a community that can thrive for years if you want to make money from social media.

How to Attract Followers on Instagram?

Have Consistent Postings

Ensure you post daily and maintain consistency to maintain the interests of your followers.

Link Your Instagram to Other Social Media Accounts Such as Twitter and Facebook

You can use some available applications that enable you to link up your social media accounts automatically.

Increase The Follower’s Interactions by Running Competitions

It may be challenging to use this strategy because it may need some prizes. But if you are so much into it, you can save some cash and invest in it.


You can convert your social platform fun into earning. It needs commitment and creativity in generating content that is interactive and engaging. Have quality content and a large following to make more on your social media.

Alphayo Sande
Alphayo Sandehttps://www.shiftingnews.com
Alphayo Sande is an IT practitioner having attained a degree in Computer Science. He is also a non-fiction freelance writer specializing in different sections as an article and book writer. He writes for several online publications and has been published several times. Any day now, he gets his big breakthrough into the fast-paced world of being a writer, and his first job is to go to the end of the world and investigate strange occurrences. Alpha Sande is a trans human who can transform into any form he wants. He looks like any other human you would see on a billboard. He has a well-defined cheekbone structure, an androgynous face, and a piercing gaze. He is one of the new batch of freelancers whose job it is to report events across the known universe to the rest of us. While it is not as glamorous as it sounds, with little playtime, long, arduous assignments, and being widely derided by the literary establishment, it is his dream job.


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