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Simple methods to make money using Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook is widely used in the world. Many of its users are making money by posting advertisements. If you have a Facebook account and not getting income from it, you cannot make money online using Facebook. I will teach you some simple methods to make money using Facebook.

#1. Posting ads:

If you have a Facebook account, you need to create a fan page for your business or product. Then you need to post advertisements on your fan page. Just visit Facebook and search adverts. You will see many ads since the number of ads increased with the growing popularity of Facebook. It’s not enough to buy an advertisement, but you need to post a catchy ad that will make your targeted audience click on it. After that type, an advertisement link in your fan page’s message box, then share this link with your friends and family who may be interested in buying your product or business. Posting ads is the best method to make money using Facebook.

#2. Selling products:

After creating a fan page, you can start selling products on Facebook. You can either sell the products as an online store or use the free online seller program that gives you one-click options to reach millions of potential customers without spending much time.

Make money using Facebook passively

#3. Selling a service:

If you are not selling any product, then you can sell your service on Facebook. You can sell anything from computer programming to writing content for articles.

#4. Blogging:

Blogging is also another great way to make money using Facebook. If you write articles or blogs about a certain topic in which the targeted audience is interested, you can get paid for blogging. In the case where you already have a blog, then you can directly post the articles on your blog. If you don’t have any blog, then I will recommend you to get started with WordPress.

#5. Advertise other website products:

Have you mastered how to make money using Facebook yet? There is another method by which you can advertise any other website or product. You can place ads about any website or product that will make money using Facebook.

#6. Use the Facebook app:

By using the Facebook app, you can earn money on Facebook without making any kind of advertisement. You can use the apps that will follow you as you are using Facebook. One good example is “Younow.” If you want to watch a video, click on it and there it will play the advertisement videos from YouTube.

#7. Getting paid for placing advertisements:

If you have a computer, then there are many programs available in the market that will help you get paid through advertisements. These programs will place ads on your computer screen. In the end, you are going to get paid for placing the advertisement ads on your computer.

Other methods to use to make money using Facebook

These methods require little effort and time.

Facebook Groups:

A simple method to make money using Facebook is to start a group. It can be an online professional group or a discussion group. Creating groups is a good way of promoting your business or charity organization. Group membership in these groups has got one more advantage of seeking customers and prospects.

Make money using Facebook numbers

Continuous Communication:

Ask your friends, family, colleagues, and associates for their feedback on your product or service. This continuous communication will help you make good quick decisions of any marketing strategy you will use.

Facebook contest:

You need to create an application to promote your business or organization that you can put on Facebook as a social networking site. It will help you in fascinating your customers and prospects by giving them a chance to participate in the contest. Make sure that the prize is not too attractive and also keep it simple to avoid fraudulent entries.

Facebook Like advertisement:

It is a way of advertising your products and services on Facebook using the number of likes you have. It will provide you an easy way to target your customers.

Facebook Ads:

If you think you can promote your product or service by giving it away at a low cost for a limited period, you should go for Facebook ads. This method will help in getting more customers without paying them anything directly.

Facebook Question and Answer:

You can choose to ask your customers direct questions on your business or organization and keep an eye on the response. It will help you in building a good reputation among your customers.


You can keep an eye on the general ideas, thoughts, opinions, and suggestions of other Facebook users and their feedback. These are some things that you can consider as a way of earning money using Facebook.

Alphayo Sande
Alphayo Sandehttps://www.shiftingnews.com
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