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Productivity and sleep

Sleep is an essential part of life. Every human being needs an average of 6-7 hours of continuous sleep in a day. It makes the body to relax. Inadequate or poor sleep habits affect a person’s production rate. Poor sleep habits affect our daily life activities one time at least once a week. Heavy tasks in a day tire the body. Tiredness leads to errors, postponing, or being slow in the day’s activities. It reduces our daily productivity. Longer working hours need a night of good sleep. Heavy duties do also need adequate sleep for the body to relax and regain lost energy.

Poor Sleeping Habits

Insufficient sleep

Insomnia is having fewer sleep hours, far from the required range of 6 – 7 hours. It’s the first stopper to a person’s production. Insomnia results in less energy output, slow reaction to situations, demotivation, and devastation. It deprives one focus on raising inadequacy in problem-solving, decision making, and poor memory. Deep sleep restores and repairs body muscles and tissues. Sleep reenergizes our bodies, making them fresh for new daily tasks. Prolonged insomnia leads to chronic diseases like obesity, type2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Inconsistent sleep

Having a consistent sleep habit is vital for our production. Melatonin, a chemical released by the body, signals the brain the time to sleep. Cortisol level in the morning overpowers the melatonin. This awakens the body in preparation for the day’s activities. Don’t go against this natural body pattern, sleeping and waking up at different times.

Advantages of better sleep on productivity

Good sleep results in better production. Adequate sleep enables the body and mind to relax and rebuild. It makes it ready for any vigorous task. Individuals who have a better sleep pattern react faster to situations. Their minds are fresh and energized, ready for anything. They have better judgment and decision-making abilities. It improves their memory, creating room for creative flow. There is an enhancement of quick and efficient problem-solving skills. They make fewer errors as they are more accurate in their undertakings. Burnout is minimized.

Making sleep more productive

Have a sleep schedule

A good sleep pattern depends on individual chronotype. Don’t force it to the societal standards. Get into your chronotype and workout when it’s the best time for you. Have enough sleep of about 6-7 hours a night. Sleeping more hours than the required standards makes your body tired and sluggish. Avoid sleep debt by training the body to fit in a good sleep schedule that is best for you.

Induce sleep

Have a bedtime routine to calm down your body in preparation for sleep. Train the brain to get used to this cycle of activities each night. The activities may include a few stretches, a warm bath, and the making of a list of things to tackle the next day.

Conducive sleep environment

Sleep time is to be on the bed and for sleep and sex only. Postpone other activities to the next day. Have your phone be off or on silent mode. The bedroom should be clean, cool, dark, and free from obstacles like televisions.

Have breaks

On a working day, take a 30 minutes nap to refresh yourself only when it’s necessary. Such a measure creates room for rebuilding and energizing the body. If naps aren’t working, then go for exercise.

Good diet

A balanced diet is a good decision for a healthy body. Limit drug abuse, fatty foods, and late-night sugary snacks.

Sleep is essential and inevitable in life. Have a good sleep to increase your productivity. You mess with your sleep, you mess with your productivity. It will damage your reputation too.

Alphayo Sande
Alphayo Sandehttps://www.shiftingnews.com
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