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How to Conserve the Environment while Going Green

We are living in an era whereby pollution is everywhere. From the industries manufacturing products to the vehicles releasing excess sulfur to the atmosphere. Cutting trees without replacing them also causes drastic effects to mother nature. It brings about an imbalance that, if not brought back to equilibrium, might cause our extinction. In this article, we shall focus on how to conserve the environment. We shall also look at questions such as “how does science help conserve the environment?” in depth.

All beings on planet earth depend on each other; that is why we have the food chain. When we mess with the environment, it can cause universal food web disruption. It could also bring about drought and outbreaks of environmental-based diseases such as cholera. Such effects are why we decided to write this article to help you conserve the environment efficiently.

What is Environmental Conservation?

Environmental conservation is the act of human beings saving the environment. They do so by preventing the loss of species and the destruction of the ecosystem. Primarily this is possible through the change of some human activities and reduction in pollution.

Trees convert carbon dioxide produced by factories into the oxygen we use to respire. When people cut down trees in excess, this process is disrupted. We, therefore, get less oxygen supply and more carbon dioxide which is not being utilized. However, if humans decided to ease off on the cutting down of trees, the planet would have a perfect air cycle.

Environmental conservation and preservation are two terms often used interchangeably. However, these two terms are quite different. Conservation is the responsible management of the environment and its resources for present and future use. On the other hand, environmental preservation is more strict. It is where natural resources, the environment, and land are taken care of, not to be consumed by humans. They are, however, managed appropriately; hence they maintain their pristine form. If humans are to use land under preservation, they can only use it for beauty and inspiration.

Environmental conservation works in two ways. First of all, it is meant to protect nature by protecting vital resources. Secondly, it is a way of living that works towards the irresponsible practices of large corporations and businesses.

Conservation of the environment comes in many forms, which remind us to be mindful of our daily choices. No matter how busy our lives are, it remains possible to make small yet necessary changes for the good of the planet.

Ways to Conserve the Environment

Conserve the Environment by using less Energy and Embracing Alternative Environmental Friendly Energy Sources

Conserve the environment green energy

If every person embraced alternative efficient and fewer pollutant fuels, then mother earth would be relieved. If every household incorporated the concepts of living by conserving more and using less, the positive impact would be impeccable.

Some of the most efficient power sources that we could use more frequently are wind and solar energy. They emit less to zero amounts of sulfur, and their production does not mess with the environment. The best part about these power sources is that they are renewable.

However, humans mostly make use of non-renewable fossil fuels. The extraction process of these fuels causes greave damage to the environment. For example, coal is harvested from underground. Hence people have to dig deep to find this power source. When the coal is exhausted, industries leave deep holes uncovered that could collapse at any time. Production of power via coal uses machines that produce a lot of sulfur to the environment.

The fuel itself also harms the environment by emitting harmful gases to the ozone layer. Hence if we do not shift to renewable power usage, we are only causing harm to our future.

While we do not have total control over how energy is offered to us, there is always a choice—a choice to live in a way that uses less non-renewable sources, hence conserving the environment.

Replenish what is taken from the Earth by giving back

Deforestation is one of the significant environmental conservation issues. Many forests across the globe lose countless acres of valuable trees each day. The loss of trees leads to global warming as the greenhouse gases they store go back to the atmosphere.

People and animals lose their food supply and homes. The economic status of some regions also changes since fewer forests often lead to unemployment. Trees are used in many industries, from building houses to carpentry. Hence when a region has fewer forests, these job opportunities are not available.

The only way to curb this problem is by giving back to mother nature by planting trees. Whenever you cut down one tree, make sure you plant at least two more. Doing so will lead to the restoration of homes for wildlife, food sources, and medicinal properties provided by trees.

As trees grow, they protect soil from incredibly harsh weather conditions. They also maintain the soils’ quality through decomposing. When tree leaves fall onto the grounds and decay, they add nutrients to the soils.  Hence the soil remains fertile, which in turn increases the region’s food production.

Hence in terms of environmental conservation giving back to the planet should be number one on your list.

Practice Environmental Conservative Behaviors

Make Wise Car Choices

Cars are the primary source of transportation for many people worldwide. They are also one of the major contributors to pollutions due to their high carbon footprint. To reduce car pollution, ensure your vehicle is always in good shape to minimize carbon release into the atmosphere.

Whenever you decide to buy a new car, do not just focus on the outer appearance. Look into the environmental impact the car has before you decide to buy it. If it causes grave harm to the environment, then look for another model.

Go for hybrid or electric vehicles instead of gas guzzlers as a money-saving and stylish alternative. You can also decide to go full-on conservative and bike home. Doing so will not only save the planet, but you also get great exercise.

Another alternative would be using shared transportation. Doing so reduces the number of vehicles on the road, hence lower carbon emission. You can also use a motorbike as it produces less harmful gases.

Produce your Meals

Start growing your food for both health purposes and to relieve the stress placed on soil. Commercial farms mostly only care about producing a lot of supplies in the shortest time possible. They hence mistreat the soil by adding chemicals that kill organisms in the soils.

When you decide to plant your food, industries reduce the need to use toxic chemicals. Hence the soil’s composition stays intact.

Home-grown plants are also less toxic and taste better than industrial-grown plants. They are grown according to seasons. Hence they preserve essential nutrients.

To make these changes more effective, try speaking to more people about environmental conservation. There are many fun ways to do so. For example, you could have a party with an eco-theme to stir up environmental conservation issues.

How can Science Help the Environment?

Laboratory experiments

Science has been on the front row in the battle against many complex humanitarian challenges. Such challenges include biodiversity loss, climate change, poverty reduction, and pollution.

Science has laid down the foundation for new approaches and solutions to several environmental issues. Here are some impressive science solutions that are helping bring environmental conservation.

Biofuel, Agriculture, and Energy

Science is extensively used in agriculture to develop more rigid plants. Through scientific research and application, scientists have come up with plants that are resistant to climate change. In addition, they have come up with rice enriched in vitamin A, and that is resistant to flooding.

Through research, we discovered that some scientific organizations are also looking to create drought-resistant cereals.

Such plants offer great alternatives primarily due to global warming. It also reduces industries’ soil pollution via toxic chemicals. Plus, people do not need to clear out forests to grow more plants as the available seeds produce food all year round.

Electric cars and biofuels are also impressive environmental conservative projects that have significantly impacted the world. Cars that use biofuel leave small carbon footprints, while electric cars leave close to none.

Such inventions are crucial to the world due to the long distances cars move. In the USA alone, vehicles cover an annual distance equivalent to making 13,440 round trips to the sun.

To reduce the use of non-renewable energy, scientists have developed biofuels energy. It is energy produced from the biomass of living organisms or their metabolic waste. Plus, additional research is being carried out to try and use crop waste to generate power.


Biofuel paved the way for many great projects aimed at conserving the environment. Such inventions include bioremediation which is the use of micro-organisms to clean oil-contaminated environments. It employs fungi or bacteria to decontaminate wastewater from cities. Using this technology, humans can reduce marine life deaths due to oil-water contamination hence decreasing chances of fish extinction.

Through science, scientists have developed some excellent materials that are sure to bring environmental sustainability. Such materials include biomaterials which “store” carbon dioxide. Doing so reduces the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Other materials include banana blades which increase the chances of eliminating toxic compounds such as asbestos.

Research, technical and scientific innovation are crucial in the following issues:

  1. Saving the environment
  2. Reducing the impact of global warming
  3. Helping in the adoption of climate change
  4. Cleaning up polluted areas
  5. Taking care of our health

Through technology, countries can move towards a different economic perspective. One that is environmentally friendly.


To guarantee a great and fruitful future, we must conserve the environment as soon as now. Follow the advice offered in this article to make the world greener and more energy-efficient for a better tomorrow.

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