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Good Sitting Posture when Using A Laptop

Laptops attract many people due to their flexibility. They are portable and efficient. Despite the many benefits of using laptops, many people still do not find the right position to place the gadget. Wrong positioning can result in health complications. One can get neck, shoulder, and back pains. The pains can damage the spinal code. Additionally, research shows that most people have longer working hours.

The following are tips for positioning yourself when using a laptop:

Use of the Lap

Literary, as the name suggests, you should place the laptop on your lap when in use. It should not be the case. In this position, you tend to lower your neck. You then curve the back to be on the same level as the laptop. When using the laptop on your lap, you strain your back and neck. When you do not have a table, you can elevate the laptop using its bag or a flat surface. Health experts recommend not using the laptop on your lap.

Laptop Screen

Your eye should be in line with the upper third of the laptop screen. You can achieve this by using a laptop stand or a higher table. Ensure that your laptop is stable in the position that you place it. When set in such a position, you do not have to bend any part of your body. You do not have to rotate your neck too.

Use of External Mouse and Keyboard

IF you use your laptop for long hours, then you have to find a permanent solution. You can approach this in two ways. First, you can buy a separate mouse and keyboard. Then you place your laptop’s screen in a favorable position relative to the eye line. You can set the keyboard on your lap or in a position that is comfortable for you. Secondly, you can adjust your budget to buy a monitor. You then connect your laptop to the monitor to cast the display. You position the monitor right in front of the eye line. The positioning of the laptop will depend on your decision. You should not place it in a position where you have to stretch your body. The arms and shoulder should be in a relaxed position. The wrists should lie on the keyboard without much effort.

Screen Size

When purchasing a laptop, you should ensure it has a wider screen. It should suit your requirements too. A small screen makes you strain a lot when working. Or, you can increase the size of the fonts. Ensure you do not strain when looking at the screen of your laptop.

Feet Positioning

You should ensure that your feet lay flat on the surface of the floor. Your hips should not be in a higher position than your knees (Both the knees and the hips should be at the same height). It will ensure that your legs reach the ground surface. You can also use a block or step to place your feet bottom. By doing this, you reduce the lower back strain and pain.

Chair Choice and Your Sitting Posture

The chair you sit on when working on your laptop plays a significant role in your sitting posture. You need to get an adjustable office chair. It should have a lumbar support system. The support system maintains the curve at the lower section of your back. You should follow the manual to set up the chair in a proper manner. When sitting, you should rest your back on the chair. You should always ensure your ears are in line with your shoulder. It should be at the front or behind. Who wants their lumber to roll? Track yourself.

Take Pauses

Do not work without breaking for a rest. Set timers to create pauses between your work schedule. Get to rest your eyes. During these breaks, you can stretch your body. Stretch your legs, arms, shoulders, and neck. You can also go for walks and jogs to break the boredom. Do not work like a zombie. Stretching ensures enough blood flow in your body. Your muscles loosen too in the process. The pauses should be at least after every hour. Move around the room if you have to.


For those who are fond of using their laptops for long hours, you should break the monotony. Try using your laptop when standing. Avoid using the chair for at least two hours. In this setup, you need to have a separate mouse and a keyboard. It helps you avoid the straining of the neck. You can buy standing desks. They make this process easier. You can also use desktop converters. They transform the desk into a standing desk.

Sitting Posture Applications

You can download applications that help you track your posture. The apps give constant reminders whenever set. The applications are available for both PC and Mac. The applications offer the following:

  • They use the camera on your laptop to diagnose your position. They then alert you on where to adjust.
  • The applications will also remind you when to take pauses/breaks from work.
  • Some of the apps can guide you through easy exercise forms that you can do.

There are also wearable devices that you can use to diagnose the posture of your spinal cord. The devices then relay the data to applications installed in tablets or mobile phones. Some people find the devices less effective while others find them reliable. So, scientists are working on providing the best gadgets to assist you.


Reduce the movements you make while using your keyboard and mouse. Too many movements can cause fatigue in the muscles. Instead of using the mouse, you can embrace using hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts. You should also gently press on the keyboard keys. Do not exert too much force on the keys.


The brightness of the computer screen matters a lot. Your screen should not be too bright for your eyes. A lot of light can destroy the cells in your eye. When the brightness of the screen is low, you tend to strain a lot. You then tend to move closer to your screen resulting in altering your posture. The light from the laptop should not be harsh to your face.

The room you are working in should be well lit too. It helps to counter the light from the laptop screen.

Distancing from the Laptop

The distance between you and your laptop screen should be approximately 50 centimeters. Whenever you are close to your laptop, you get tired. A flat-screen is a plus to your posture. Flat screens are best for viewing since they are friendly to the eye.


It is advisable to blink more when looking at your laptop screen. When you stare at your screen for too long, your eyes begin to have burns. The burning of the eyes can, in the long run, result in blindness. Who would love being blind?

Seek Medical Help

In some cases, you may be feeling either back, neck, or shoulder pains. It is appropriate to go to the hospital for a check-up. The pains you are experiencing are from internal injuries. Do not assume any slight discomfort or pain that you feel. You can also consult with the doctors to get better posture recommendations.

Work Conditions

When you are having issues with the conditions of the workplace, you should report. You can channel the report the complaints to your supervisors. Propose to the company on areas that they need to adjust. Your comfort should be a priority. Do not overwork on your laptop at the office.

Your laptop should not enslave you. Take into consideration the guidelines above. They will help you maintain a good sitting posture when working on your laptop. Make a timetable for your working days to avoid overworking. Be discipline to yourself and follow the timings. Your health comes first.

Alphayo Sande
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