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EduOnline – Education Platform Transforming the Online Learning Space

Are you a parent who wants the best for your child in education? Are you looking to become an online educator or an institution trying to reach out to more students? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the vastness of information on the internet? Do you find it challenging to prioritize time and focus your learning activities in a way that helps you reach your desired learning outcomes? EduOnline is the answer.

EduOnline is an interactive education platform that will help you manage all this information, sort out what is needed, and streamline your study activities. It’s created by a team of educational entrepreneurs with experience with Edu-tech startups, eLearning platforms, and content management systems. The platform has been designed to provide educators with everything they need to successfully build and run a course online while at the same time opening up educational opportunities for anyone worldwide.

Background Overview of EduOnline

Kenya has not been left behind by the advancement of the digital era experienced around the globe. Many sectors and industries are in top gear to adopt all or segments of the digital technologies and concepts. The digital front has various benefits, including:

  • A reduction in operation cost
  • Faster access to information and content
  • Automation of processes
  • Improved security, mobility, and decision making

EduOnline on mobile

The education sector has seen tremendous growth in startups and investors. They are keen to develop better models of education delivery and improve accessibility. They also aim to reduce the cost of accessing learning materials and tools.

EduOnline is a web-based learning management application operated by LianzSly. This Kenyan tech startup creates technologies to solve day-to-day social challenges in the modern world. They adopt a creative yet affordable way. EduOnline has been in operations since 2020, at the peak of the Corona Pandemic, where many learners benefited from its online learning tools.

The EduOnline Product

With their tagline “Your Trusted Online Learning Partner,” EduOnline has adopted a 360-degree approach to its solution provision. Consequently, learners, parents, and learning institutions can find it useful. With their mantra revolving around affordability, security, and unique design, EduOnline has a parent portal where parents can manage child accounts. In addition, there is a student portal where learners can access their learning tools and a Schools Finder where schools can publish their profiles online.

EduOnline Product

Solutions for learners

Learners have myriad learning tools once they create their accounts under the student profile. These tools include:

  • self-marking revision papers
  • self-marking quizzes
  • revision notes that come up with a notepad that users can use to make shorthand notes
  • a discussion board
  • composition and Insha samples to help learners improve their creative writing skills
  • a mental health section.

With these tools, users can access unlimited resources for their learning needs.

Learners on EduOnline

Online Education platforms are constantly pushing the limits, and innovating solutions that benefit the learners and ensure that users can almost maintain the classroom feel away from school. For example, discussion boards, like the one on EduOnline, allow users to share stories, ask and answer questions from other learners.

Solutions for parents

Parents are normally on a constant lookout and search for relevant learning and revision material for their children, especially those candidates in national exams, including KCPE and KCSE. Additionally, more often than not, parents struggle with tools and methods to track and gauge the revision progress of their children.

EduOnline offers parents the functionality to access their child’s accounts and provides a dashboard with metrics relevant to the child’s activities and scores. This means that parents can monitor their children’s progress from anywhere and at any time.

Solutions for schools

While the digital space is becoming the new frontier of accessing and disseminating information, it comes with its fair share of challenges. For schools to reach their online audiences, they do so through digital spaces such as school websites. For this to happen, schools need to invest in building the websites as well as maintaining them. These additional budget costs and the lack of internal human resource has discouraged many schools from running their websites. As a result, they are losing out on opportunities in the digital space.

EduOnline’s Schools Finder is an online Schools Directory that allows school profiles to be published on its website. Besides reducing the cost of maintaining individual websites for schools, it improves online visibility by exposing this content to website visitors.

EduOnline Solutions for parents

Once schools have their profiles published, they leverage from EduOnline’s enhanced Search Engine Optimization and daily traffic. This directly translates to increased visibility of the school profile, an important marketing metric.

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