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Blogging – The art of earning passive income

How do you earn from blogging?

Are you passionate about blogging? You can earn good money out of it. How do you make money on blogging? Well, here are some simple tips on how to earn from blogging.

Blogging is not the easiest way of generating cash though it is a manageable thing that anybody can do. You need engaging content that attracts followers, commitment, and patience to earn.

You can get an action plan from this guide on how to grow a profitable business from blogging.

It can be challenging to start a blogging business if you lack tech skills. But once you have a working website or a blogging platform, you can set up a blog.

The guide is providing an outline of the platform, including its pros and cons.

Free Blogging Platforms

Free blogging platforms are suitable for casual bloggers who are not intending to make money from their blogs. Most platforms allow the setting up of blogs for free and are straightforward to use. If you are a beginner in blogging, these are the best sites for you.

Advantages: They have no charges and are easy to create.

Disadvantages: They have limits on the video /photo uploads and customization. You cannot use an affiliate link or place an advert. The platform withholds your blog deletion’s rights, and it is challenging to generate a custom URL.

Best Sites for Blogging


Wordpress blogging

WordPress.com is among the best free and easy to use as a hosting site. The site runs its ads and brandings. You cannot run your ads unless you pay for the monthly subscription. The site has limitations for expansion and customization options.


Blogger is a free google free hosting services for blogs. The platform is easy to use but with limited design and customization options. It has limited options for adding new features.


Medium is for writing rather than designing. The site is ideal for writers and journalists. It is suitable for sharing work with a particular group of people. It is challenging to run your ads and develop your branding.

Create your website for Blogging

It is best suited for individuals wishing to generate some cash out of their blogs. You can contact us if you need a website designer.


It allows total control of your design and customization. You possess the custom link and have the liberty to use affiliate links and adverts.


You must first submit your URL (domain) and hosting fee before using such services for personal gains.

Choosing Your Blogging Niche

Choosing your blogging niche can be the most comfortable or most challenging task as a beginner. It would help if you chose a place that you have an understanding and passion for. You can use the following tips in finding the best niche for your blogs.

Visit Other Bloggers’ Blogs

Your work should be the first thing to do when thinking of a blogging business. Please find out about the success and weakness of other bloggers and fill in the gap.

Use Google

Utilize the autocomplete or google suggested searches to understand what most people are looking for. If they are mostly searching for it, then there is a demand for it.

Enhance your blogging skills

Use FAQs for Common Forums

When people don’t find answers to their questions, they go to the forum. Find out what most people are asking.

Tracking Current Trends

Look for the most trending topics on social media like Instagram. Choose a good case that has longevity. If you can predict, you can come up with an issue that can have future trends.

Search for A Personal Passion and Interest

It isn’t easy to engage in something you are not interested in. Find your interests and write on something that is within your passion.

From the above guide, you can learn how to make money from blogs. You can develop several revenue streams from blogs and make decent cash.

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